About Us

Walking Project is a grassroots advocacy campaign working towards a safe, convenient and joyful walking experience in our cities. We currently work in Mumbai Metropolitan Region and will participate in other cities based on requests. Walking Project was founded on the 20th of June, 2012 in Mumbai on the occasion of Rio + 20

As part of this project we endeavour to

  1. Create a community of people who are passionate about improving walking conditions for our cities
  2. Conduct audits of various important roads and streets,
  3. Petition elected representatives and officials to pay close attention to making our roads pedestrian friendly and
  4. Facilitate knowledge sharing between various segments to increase the awareness levels about safe and comfortable walking infrastructure.

Walking is one of the most basic of needs, occurs on a daily basis and is important to improving the quality of life and health in cities. For any city which wants to improve quality of life for its citizens, providing a safe and joyful walking experience is a must.

  • Pedestrian infrastructure is easy to make and inexpensive compared to other infrastructure.
  • A good pedestrian infrastructure encourages walking – thereby contribute to improved health, reduces reliance on motorised means and hence reduces congestion and pollution. Bad pedestrian infrastructure discourages walking, increases personal motorised transport, increases emissions and damages health.

Walkable Streets and Public Health

At a time when lifestyle diseases are reaching epidemic proportions most medical professionals advise walking as an important component of keeping good health. But a lot of people cannot take time out to go for a walk in the park. What if our roads and streets had the best walking environment?

Walkable Streets and Climate Change

At a time when concern over limiting carbon emissions is high, non motorised means of mobility like walking and cycling are zero emission. Walkable cities are healthy for the citizens and for the planet.

Walkable Streets and Sustainable Development Goals

The world has just subscribed to Sustainable Development Goals. A good walking environment promotes equity.

Walkable Streets and Smart Cities

Walking is a key component of all public transport trips. We cannot have flashy Metro’s and the worst kind of walking conditions outside the Metro Stations. Smart Cities are ones which have the best quality walking environment.

Walking Project was founded by Mumbai based environmental activist Rishi Aggarwal along with Vivek Gilani, Amar Deshpande, Abhijit Mehta and Pramod Dabrase.


1st August 2016 - The campaign slowed down considerably after 2013 and went into a lull. We are now reviving it and hope to not have any more gaps going forward!